Ron Allen


Ron Allen works with ideas contained in all of art history, from primitive ritual artifacts to Cycladic sculpture to the latest conceptual work. With sophisticated technique and an educated world view, he creates minimal forms of metal and stone, then attaches culturally significant found objects and ornaments in glorious profusion. The resulting images resonate with cumulative knowledge and psychological complexity, and have attracted recognition from collectors throughout the US as well as the world.

Ron Allen is a magician of the commonplace, evoking the human condition in all its unguarded beauty. His formal allegories of everyday experience are consummate works of art, for their bearing is dignified and their surfaces are opulent. Yet they contain relics of outworn fantasies, fragments of disconnected dreams, and the quietest whispers of intuitive perception. Allen smothly blends his multicultural background by honouring his Blackfeet ancestors, as influenced in his strong visions, and merged with a European sense of mythology

Education: Oklahoma State University, Dallas Art lnstitute, Moorhead Sfafe University

Selected exhibitions: North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND Moorhead Museum of Art, Moorhead, MN Oklahoma Museum of Art, Oklahoma City, OK Arts Place ll, Oklahoma City, 9K Governors Gallery, Oklahoma City, OK Wichita Art Museum, Wichita, KS (collection) Seminole Nation Musettm, Wewoka, OK

Publications: Oklahoma Magazine, Oklahoma Gazette, Santa Fe Reporter, Santa Fe NeW Mexican / Pasatiempo

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