Delia Albertoni

Delia Albertoni

“While living and studying Sculpture and Painting in Florence, Italy, I was inspired by a cross from a 12th Century Cathedral in Toledo, Spain...depicting the ‘Tree of Life’, with a cross arising from its trunk.”

After returning to Washington State, I began the series: ‘Crosses to Bear,’ depictions of life’s challenges...Joseph Campbell said it best: “The Goal is to participate joyfully through the sorrows of the World.” My crosses are symbols of overcoming Life’s Challenges.

Originally a stone carver, I have recently found the joy and reward of carving wood, since moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico. It seemed a natural transition in a place of notable traditional and contemporary carvers.

My process is carving in wood, both found and acquired. Then, using molds of the original carvings, they are cast into bronze, with traditional, chemically applied patinas.

“I love the physicality of carving and using organic materials in my Art”....Delia

Arts Education:
Cal State, San Bernardino, CA

UCR, Riverside, CA

Cornish College of the Arts (BFA) Seattle, WA

Academia di Belle Arti, Florence, Italy

Northwest Academy of the Arts, Puget Sound, WA

Galleries – Shows – Exhibits:
CAL State, CA, permanent exhibit

Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, Italy

Chisick & Chisick Gallery, Port Townsend, WA

Multnomah Art Center, Portland OR

Carole LaRoche Gallery, Santa Fe NM

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