Kurt Hopson was born in Minneapolis in 1967. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire, 1991, with a BFA in Sculpture. He currently resides in Pojoaque, New Mexico.

“Sculptor Kurt Hopson cast his own human responses in bronze along with bits and pieces of nature’s ephemera. The bronze caster’s ability to minutely replicate his found materials, juxtaposed with his small hand-sculpture figures, creates powerful tensions. The tactile figures recall Rodin and the bits of the natural world—seed pods, sticks, etc.—make evermore intensely apparent the intimate, imaginative relationship that exists between the sculptor and the sculpted. In Untitled 2 a man stands with his palms open wide, his hands at his side, and a twig thrust through his head. His position in pagan and early Christian imagery is the depiction of prayer. He could exemplify sufferings and/or ecstasy. Inward states that in the face of nature, human and non-human, can be alarmingly similar.”

—Jon Carver, THE Magazine