Joshua is a Stone Artist who was born in Central Ohio in the 1970’s, and grew up with a fondness for the outdoors, often running the woods and farm fields in his hometown.

Me graduated from the USF with a degree in American Culture & History, moved to New Mexico the following year, and was employed with a stone importing company in Santa Fe repairing and working with stone fountains and pedestals. Joshua learned the art of stone carving by observing some of the carvers of fountains and pedestals in Santa Fe. After a few months, Joshua began carving fountains for the owner of the stone business.

In the Spring of 2000 Joshua began his own stone carving business in Madrid, New Mexico, and has been carving stone pedestals and fountains for over thirteen years. “The most fascinating part of my work is the stone itself. The perspective it gives dwarves our    experience here in this world. To open up a stone that has always been sealed – and at times for hundreds of millions of years – still enthralls me.”

Joshua Gannon has displayed his stone art on Canyon Road at the LaRoche Gallery for the past 5 years.